Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)

General Film, Horror

Director: Bill Condon

Writer(s): Clive Barker (story), Rand Ravich, Mark Kruger

Starring: Tony Todd, Kelly Rowan, William O’Leary, Bill Nunn, Matt Clark, David Gianopoulos, Fay Hauser, Joshua Gibran Mayweather, Timothy Carhart, Veronica Cartwright, Caroline Barclay, Michael Bergeron, Brianna Blanchard, Clotiel Bordeltier, Russell Buchanan, Nate Bynum, Sandy Byrd, Eric Cadora, Carl Ciarfalio, Michael Culkin, Stephen P. Dunn, Daniel Dupont, Glen Gomez, Steven Hartman, Margaret Howell, Ralph Joseph, Erin Labranche, Carl Leblanc, George Lemore, Maria Mason, Monica L. Monica, Moore Brian, Randy Oglesby, Steve Picerni, Terence Rosemore, Amy Ryder, Patricia Sansone, Hunt Scarritt, Carol Sutton, Carolina Barcos, Robert ‘Duckie’ Carpenter, Anthony Michael Frederick, Jonathan McIntosh, Codie Scott

Synopsis: The Candyman arrives in New Orleans and sets his sights on a young woman whose family was ruined by the immortal killer years before.

Release Date: March 17, 1995 (USA) | Length: 93 min | Genre: Horror | MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence and gore, and for some sexuality and language.