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Chain Reaction (1996)

Director: Andrew Davis

Writer(s): Arne Schmidt, Rick Seaman, Josh Friedman, J.F. Lawton, Michael Bortman

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Fred Ward, Kevin Dunn, Brian Cox, Joanna Cassidy, Chelcie Ross, Nicholas Rudall, Tzi Ma, Krzysztof Pieczynski, Julie Pearl, Godfrey, Gene Barge, Nathan Davis, Aaron Williams, Daniel H. Friedman, Johnny Lee Davenport, James Sie, Joan Kohn, Juan Ramírez, Nydia Rodriguez Terracina, Scott Benjaminson, Ned Schmidtke, Randall Arney, Noelle Bou-Sliman, Joseph F. Kosala, Ron Dean, Miguel Nino, Turk Muller, Neil Flynn, Michael Skewes, Margaret Travolta, Jacqueline G. Arthur, Tom Mula, Denise Price, Rick LeFevour, Charley Sherman, Gina Raffin, Pam Zekman, Lisa Tejero, David Pasquesi, John Drummond, Cathy Herd, Tell Draper, Danny Goldring, Eddie Bo Smith Jr., Michael Gaylord James, Ken Moreno, Allen Hamilton, Dick Cusack, Nicholas Kusenko, David Michael Gee, Stanley M. Span, Ann Whitney, Rich Komenich, Afram Bill Williams, Will Zahrn, John W. Hardy, Mary Seibel, Nina Beesley, Michael Shannon, Billy Haynes, Walter Doggett, Jack Kandel, Timothy J. Maxwell, Leslie Mikol, Rio Zavala, Mark Morettini, Soseh Kevorkian, Christopher Holloway, Jim Ortlieb, Cheryl Hamada, Mike Gray, Joe Guastaferro, Thomas F. Evans, Stephen P. Conrad, Reese Foster, Larry Nazimek, Michael Wollner

Synopsis: Eddie Kasalivich, an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, works as a technician for a scientific team that discovers an alternative, low-cost, pollution-free fuel source. Eddie and Lilly were involved in the research that was done at this first lab. The first lab was sabotaged and it exploded. One of the chief scientists is murdered during the attack and the sabotage of the lab, Eddie and physicist Lily Sinclair are framed for it and have to flee for their lives, with the FBI, CIA and other involved parties in close pursuit. Paul Shannon, Eddies mentor, is the director of a secret CIA contractor which – unknown to Eddie – has commercial interests in the lab equipment. Eddie and Lily flee police, FBI and CIA secret contractors but Lily winds getting captured and is driven to the underground experimental lab. Eddie follows Lily to this not yet fully working lab and quickly gets it working since it needed two different frequencies for the energy to get produced and Eddie has kept

Release Date: August 2, 1996 (USA) | Length: 107 min | Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi | MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some intense action/violence.


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