Deceit (1923)

Missing Trailer

Director: Oscar Micheaux

Writer(s): Charles W. Chesnut (novel Behind the Hills)**

Starring: Evelyn Preer, William Fountaine, Norman Johnstone, A.B. DeComathiere, Cleo Desmond, Louis De Bulger, Mabel Young, Cornelius Watkins, Kathryn Boyd, Ira O. McGowan, Lewis Schooler, Jerry Brown, James Carey, Viola Miles, Mary Jane Watkins

Synopsis: Alfred Dubois and his charming secretary organize a film production company. Their first film is entitled The Hypocrite. All goes well with the production until Dubois must show his film to the censor board, which includes a delegation of preachers headed by the recalcitrant and conservative Christian P. Bently. Upon viewing the film, Bently expresses violent disapproval and persuades the censors to reject it. Dubois is persistent, though, and appeals to the board to screen the film for a less biased audience to decide if the sequence in question warrants the film’s rejection. The film is projected as the new committee members look on.

Release Date: Mar 1, 1923 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: Unknown

Note: May be a lost film. The movie was completed in 1921 but not released until 1923.