Doom Asylum (1987)

Jan 1, 1987 | Comedy, General Film, Horror

Director: Richard Friedman

Writer(s): Richard Friedman, Rick Marx, Steven G. Menkin

Starring: Patty Mullen, Ruth Collins, Kristin Davis, William Hay, Kenny L. Price, Harrison White, Dawn Alvan, Farin, Michael Rogen, Harvey Keith, Steven G. Menkin, Paul Giorgi

Synopsis: This low-budget satire of horror films finds a female punk rock trio being tormented by the ghost of a victim killed in a car crash with the mother of one of the young women. Michael Rogen plays the corpse who rises from the autopsy table to seek vengeance on the fearful femmes.

Release Date: January 1, 1987 (USA) | Length: 77 min | Genre: Comedy, Horror | Certificate: R