Flight World War II (2015)

Jun 2, 2015 | Action, Disaster, General Film, Sci-Fi, War

Director: Emile Edwin Smith

Writer(s): Jacob Cooney, Bill Hanstock

Starring: Faran Tahir, Robbie Kay, Aqueela Zoll, Matias Ponce, Howard Gordon, Alberto Barros Jr., Adam Blake, David Campfield, Angie Teodora Dick, Daniel Fieber, Vi Flaten, Blaine Gray, Radmar Agana Jao, Erik MacRay, Daniel Mentz, Tyler Messner, Jonathan Nation, Mike Quirk, Rebecca Reaney, Trista Robinson, Thaddeus Shafer, Hamish Sturgeon, Jodi Taylor, Meredith Thomas, Jason Wesley, Angela Whitworth, Ali Zahiri, Eric Schowengerdt, Sandell Stangl

BACKGROUND: Ben Archer, Gary Archer, Janae Bullock, Sniper French, Monica Giraldo, Juan Carlos Gutierrez, Michael Hussey, Jetta Juriansz, Lucky McQueede, Alton Mills, Anna Sambrooks, Degui Sanabria, Demetrius Stear, Pedestrian Walker, Ryan Walker

Synopsis: Flight 42 was on its way, when it comes across an unidentifiable storm. Realizing they must go through, find themselves in France, 1940, World war II. A young soldier (Robbie Kay) tells them they are in the middle of a war zone. Dodging bullets and bombs the flight will attempt to make it back to modern day, without changing history too much.

Release Date: June 2, 2015 (USA) | Length: 85 min | Genre: Action, Disaster, Sci-Fi, War | Certificate: NR

Note: The above cast list is from the film.