Global Meltdown (2017)

Director: Daniel Gilboy

Writer(s): Daniel Gilboy

Starring: Michael Paré, Leanne Khol Young, Patrick J. MacEachern, Cameron Gordon, Scott Roberts, Anna Barker, Jay Morberg, Christopher Clare, Duff Zayonce, Marin Almasi, Greg Spielman, Trevor Matheson, Chris Lozanski, Jeff Hog, Brent Zulyniak, Caroline Buzanko, Anthony De Almeida, Sarah Beaudin, Aaron Conrad, Gin Fedotov, Rob Jacoson, Omatta Udalor, Keith Kollee, Dave Matthew Boddy

Synopsis: A helicopter pilot and an environmental scientist lead a exodus of survivors in a search for a safe haven after a catastrophic tectonic event causes the crust of the earth to break apart.

Release Date: July 7, 2017 (USA) | Length: 90 min | Genre: Action, Adventure, Disaster, Drama | Certificate: TV-MA