Independents’ Day (2016)

Jun 7, 2016 | Action, Adventure, General Film, Sci-Fi

Director: Laura Beth Love

Writer(s): Geoff Meed

Starring: Fay Gauthier, Sal Landi, Johnny Rey Diaz, Matthew Riley, Jon Edwin Wright, Jude B. Lanston, Jacquelin Arroyo, William Castrogiovanni, Vishesh Chachra, Brian Tyler Cohen, Christos Kalabogias, Jes Selane, Kurt Sinclair, Jonathan Thomson, Holger Moncada Jr., Donre Walker, Mark Bashian, Tom G., Paul Piercy, Kevin Reeverts, David Vega, Maximilian Elfeldt, Laura Beth Love, John Meadows, Mike Verta, Joan Baca, Ila Bennally, Andreas Caruso, Shane Naute

Synopsis: Aliens invade, this time delivering a clear ultimatum. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as the U.S. President and citizens decide if these aliens are to be trusted …or feared.

Release Date: June 7, 2016 (USA) | Length: 91 min | Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | MPAA Rating: NR