Director: Daresha Kyi

Writer(s): Daresha Kyi

Starring: Daresha Kyi (Aziyah Williams), Isaiah Washington (Malcolm Davidson), Patricia D’Arcy (Mom), Bernard Johnson (Dad), Lee Dobson (Uncle James)

Synopsis: A fiercely independent young African American woman and her nouveau-nationalist photographer boyfriend decide to visit the father she hasn’t seen in years. The tragicomic reunion shatters her illusions and provokes the two lovers to reveal that they are both the wounded children of alcoholics. The revelation changes their perception of themselves and each other to provide a springboard for a new way of relating.

Release Date: September 01, 1992 (USA) | Length: 23 min | Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy | MPAA Rating: NR


  • Black Talkies on Parade (first prize)

Note(s): Isaiah Washington’s first film. Written, Produced, Directed and Starring Daresha Kyi.


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