Look-Out Sister (1947)

Director: Bud Pollard

Writer(s): John E. Gordon, Will Morrissey

Starring: Louis Jordan, Suzette Harbin, Monte Hawley, Bob Scott, Glen Allen, Tom Southern, Maceo Bruce Sheffield, Jack Clisby, Anice Clark, Dorothy Seamans, Peggy Thomas, Louis Jordan’s Timphony-Six Band (Aaron Izenhall, Paul Quinichette, William Doggett, William Hadnott, Chris Colombus), Louise Franklin, James Jackson, Anise Boyer

Synopsis: A famous bandleader, suffering from overwork and exhaustion, goes to a sanitarium for a rest. While there he dreams of being out west at a dude ranch, where he finds himself involved in the beautiful owner’s struggle to keep her ranch from falling into the hands of the villain, who wants either her or her ranch (or, preferably, both).

Release Date: March 1947 (USA) | Length: 63 min | Genre: Music, Western | Certificate: Approved

Note: James Jackson played with both the Loumell Morgan Trio and Louis Jordan’s band. I wasn’t able to identify which diver was Anice Clark or Dorothy Seamans.