Losing Isaiah (1995)

Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal

Writer(s): Seth Margolis, Naomi Foner

Starring: Jessica Lange, Halle Berry, David Strathairn, Cuba Gooding Jr., Daisy Eagan, Marc John Jefferies, Samuel L. Jackson, Joie Lee, Regina Taylor, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Jacqueline Brookes, Donovon Ian H. McKnight, Rikkia A. Smith, Paulette McDaniels, Velma Austin, Glenda Starr Kelly, Joan Kohn, Patrick Clear, Gaby Santinelli, Mike Bacarella, Mike Houlihan, John Beasley, James ‘Ike’ Eichling, James F. Tillett, John Judd, Cheryl Hamada, Jackie Taylor, Valerie Shull, Laura Cerón, Jackie Samuel, Deanna Dunagan, Mike Nussbaum, Margaret Travolta, Eddie Bo Smith Jr., Jaqueline Fleming, Sibyl Offutt, Greg Hollimon, Rick Worthy, Torrence W. Murphy, Crystal Barnes, Sheila-Marie Robinson, Tamara Rutledge, Valeri Ross, Jacqueline Williams, Ora Jones, Nicholas Foster, Thomica Laquice Simmons, Evan Lionel, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Matthew Brennan, Denise Aguilar, Christy Lombardi, Hector Matos, Stephanie Mullin, Daniel Nudelman, Elbert Pagan Jr., Kate Tash, Chris Tossing, Jonathan Rivera, Karen Luehne, Brian Friedopfer, Paul Jorjorian, Jim Minton, Trae Ireland, Antonio Polk, Wynter Spears, Michael Anthony Williams, Robert Osladil

Synopsis: The natural and adoptive mothers of a young boy are involved in a bitter, controversial custody battle.

Release Date: March 17, 1995 (USA) | Length: 111 min | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: Rated R for drug related material and brief strong language.


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