Madea’s Family Reunion (2002)

Director: Tyler Perry, Chet Brewster

Writer(s): Tyler Perry, Elvin Ross

Starring: D’Atra Hicks, Tamela J. Mann, David Mann, Pebbles Johnson, Sonya T. Evans, Terrell Phillips, Quan Howell, Zakiya Williams, Gary Jenkins, Regina McCrary, Mike Storm, James Tittle IV, Tyler Perry, Kim Easterling

Synopsis: Just as Madea buries her sister, she must get ready for her granddaughter, Lisa, coming to get married at the house. As Madea must endure the craziness of her neighbor, Leroy Brown, and the dysfunctional relatives staying under her own roof for the weekend

Release Date: January 2002 (USA) | Length: 134 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Cast list is from the play. Terrell Phillips is credited in the play as Terry Phillips, with two L’s in Phillips, but the IMDB listing only has one. Isaac Carree (Reverend Lewis) and Jason Orr (Hipster in Poetry Club) appear in the cast list on IMDB but their names are not mentioned or shown in intro or the ending of the play. I think Quan Howell replaced Isaac Carree for this recording as Reverend Lewis. Jason Orr might be playing Vicki’s son Mike at the reunion. Also, Elvin Ross is credited as a writer in the play and Chet Brewster is listed as director of the video.



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