Missing Trailer

Director: Arthur Dreifuss

Writer(s): Tim Ryan, Charles R. Marion

Starring: Mary Beth Hughes, Eddie Quillan, Tim Ryan, Irene Ryan, Mantan Moreland, Jerry Cooper, Armida, André Charlot, Kenneth Harlan, Cyril Ring, Ramon Roz, Ruby Dandridge, Anson Weeks, Ted Fio Rito, The Loumell Morgan Trio (Lynwood “Duke” Jones, James “Ham” Jackson, Loumell Morgan), Ted Fio Rito Orchestra, Paul Porcasi, Follette and Lunard Ruloff

Synopsis: A busboy at a nightclub sets out to make sure that the pretty blonde hatcheck girl gets the singing career she’s always wanted.

Release Date: August 27, 1943 (USA) | Length: 73 min | Genre: Musical | Certificate: NR

Note: I didn’t find any other info about this film. It may be lost.


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