Mercy (2013)

Missing Trailer

Director: Robin Thicke

Writer(s): Robin Thicke

Starring: Robin Thicke, Conrad Bluth, Kassandra Carrington, Robert Patrick, Paula Patton, Amandla Stenberg

Synopsis: Based on true events, Mercy follows Tom, a family-focused limo driver, and his wife, Cynthia, a woman who is plagued by alcohol and drug addiction. Randall Cross is a man full of regrets who cannot sit idly by as he is on the verge of losing his home after his wife succumbs to cancer. Amandla Stenberg plays Tom and Cynthia’s daughter, a talented violinist and former student of Randall’s dying wife.

Release Date: 2013 (USA) | Length: 30 min | Genre: Drama, Thriller | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: I never found this film or a trailer, just a lot of articles on the internet saying it was being made. Amandla Stenberg even mentioned it on her facebook page.