Miracle in Harlem (1948)

Nov 29, 1948 | Comedy, General Film, Music, Mystery, Romance

Director: Jack Kemp

Writer(s): Vincent Valentini

Starring: Hilda Offley, Sheila Guyse, Kenneth Freeman, William Greaves, Sybil Lewis, Creighton Thompson, Laurence Criner, Jack Carter, Milton Williams, Monte Hawley, Ruble Blakey, Slick Chester, Stepin Fetchit, Savannah Churchill, Lavada Carter, Norma Shepherd, Juanita Hall, Lynn Proctor Trio, Lynn Proctor, Juanita Hall Choir, Hilda Geeley

Synopsis: A crooked real estate tycoon tricks a trusting young woman out of her small candy store. When he is found dead, the girl is suspected of the crime.

Release Date: November 29, 1948 (USA) | Length: 71 min | Genre: Comedy, Musical, Mystery, Romance | Certificate: Approved

Note: I saw the film but still wasn’t able to identify everyone. There are some people at Jim Marshall’s party that I didn’t find in any cast list. I am also having trouble finding and confirming a picture of Lavada Carter. I’m not even sure her name is spelled correctly in the credits. Info I found is that she is the sister of trumpeter Valaida Snow and I have seen her name listed and spelled as Lavada Snow, Lavaida Snow, Lavada Carter and Lavaida Carter. IMDB credits her with singing “John Saw the Number” but I can’t find that song in the film. It sounds like the title to a gospel song but the only gospel songs I heard in the movie were “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”, “Exhortation”, “The Lonesome Road” and “Nearer My God to Thee”. For now I’m using a picture I found on Pinterest but would still like to find some info to confirm it’s the right picture because it looks an awful lot like other pictures I found of Valaida Snow. I’m starting to think that Hilda Geeley is the opera singer in the church choir but no proof yet.

Lynn Proctor Trio