Mr. Magoo (1997)

Director: Stanley Tong

Writer(s): Pat Proft, Tom Sherohman

Starring: Leslie Nielsen, Kelly Lynch, Matt Keeslar, Nick Chinlund, Stephen Tobolowsky, Ernie Hudson, Jennifer Garner, Malcolm McDowell, Miguel Ferrer, L. Harvey Gold, Art Irizawa, John Tierney, Terence Kelly, Rick Burgess, Jerry Wasserman, Bill Dow, Frank C. Turner, Monique Rusu, Robert Metcalfe, Danny Steele, Dolores Drake, Claire Riley, Pat Waldron, Michael Puttonen, Pamela Diaz, Chancz Perry, Marke Driesschen, Brenda McDonald, Joseph Davies, Shawn Macdonald, David Neale, Carrie Cain-Sparks, Kristie Yzerman, Kelly Kay, Yvette Jackson, Tara Mead, Dan Redford, Kirk Coatte, David Mylrea, Greg Burson, Ellie Harvie, Mario Battista, John Henry Canavan, Ewan ‘Sudsy’ Clark, Campbell Lane, Allison Matthews, Kirk McMeekan, Robert Musnicki

Synopsis: The myopic millionaire defeats jewel smugglers in his usual bumbling manner.

Release Date: December 25, 1997 (USA) | Length: 87 min | Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family | MPAA Rating: Rated PG for mild language and action sequences.


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