Director: Lewis D. Collins, Ray Taylor

Writer(s): Ande Lamb, Maurice Tombragel

Starring: Robert Lowery, Eddie Quillan, Marion Martin, Marjorie Clements, Lyle Talbot, Arthur Hohl, Oscar O’Shea, Francis McDonald, Mantan Moreland, Eddy Waller, Ian Wolfe, Byron Foulger, Earle Hodgins, Anthony Warde, Alec Craig, Cy Kendall, Dick Curtis, Jay Novello, Joe Devlin, Clancy Cooper, Ray Bennett, Budd Buster, Jack Cheatham, Jack Rube Clifford, Kernan Cripps, Jimmie Dodd, Heenan Elliott, Charles Evans, Al Hill, Charles Jordan, Perc Launders, George Lloyd, George Magrill, Milburn Morante, Jack Overman, Tom Steele, Dan White

Synopsis: The Mississippi River and the swamps of Louisiana comprise the setting for mystery, murder and plenty of serial-style heroics. An unusually atmospheric and intelligent chapter play. 13 Chapters.

Release Date: October 24, 1944 (USA) | Length: 218 min | Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime | Certificate: Passed



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