Plastic (2014)

Director: Julian Gilbey

Writer(s): Sacha Bennett, Julian Gilbey, Will Gilbey, Chris Howard

Starring: Ed Speleers, Will Poulter, Alfie Allen, Sebastian De Souza, Emma Rigby, Thomas Kretschmann, Graham McTavish, Mem Ferda, Michael Bisping, Charley Palmer Rothwell, Terry Stone, Melise, Ashley Chin, Adam Fogerty, David Foxxe, Kate Magowan, Robbie Gee, Amelle Berrabah, Christian Kinde, Xavier Alcan, Shane Zaza, Matt Barber, Jordana DePaula, Chris Cowlin, Pearce Blair, Richard Haylor, Nathan Benham, Rachel Fielding, Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka, Tom Stedham, Darren Bransford, Shireen Ashton, Bern Collaço, Lee Donaghy, Louisa Faye, Tracey Ferrara, Alessandro Forte, Chloe Goodman, Lee Nicholas Harris, Michael Haydon, Lilia Grace Howard, Craig Hurley, Paola Katsapas, Caroline Langrishe, Adam Lezemore, Martyn Mayger, Zac Rashid, Nick Tavender, Ian Virgo, Chris Wilson, Vera Horton, Derek Russo

Synopsis: High octane thriller PLASTIC tells the story of intelligent and brazen Sam (Ed Speleers), who leads a ring of university students to become credit card thieves in order to augment their income. As their activities become more daring, they accidentally rob a notorious gangster named Marcel (Thomas Kretschmann) and are forced to up their game to pay him back 10 times the amount they stole … with interest. To pay off the debt, they take their scam on the road to Miami; the city of “high stakes”.

Release Date: September 26, 2014 (USA) | Length: 102 min | Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime | MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence, sexual content/nudity, language throughout and some drug use.


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