Ride with the Devil (1999)

Nov 24, 1999 | Drama, General Film, Romance, War, Western

Director: Ang Lee

Writer(s): Daniel Woodrell (novel),  James Schamus (screenplay)

Starring: Skeet Ulrich, Tobey Maguire, Jeffrey Wright, Simon Baker, Jim Caviezel, Jewel Kilcher, Margo Martindale, Tom Wilkinson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy W. Auman, Scott Sener, Glenn Q. Pierce, Kathleen Warfel, David Darlow, Zan McLeod, John Whelan, Roger Landes, Jeffrey Dover, Tyler Johnson, Kelly Werts, Michael W. Nash, John Judd, Don Shanks, Jay Thorson, Dean Vivian, Cheryl Weaver, Matthew Faber, Tom Guiry, Jonathan Brandis, Celia Weston, Amber Griffith, Ric Averill, Buck Baker, Stephen Mailer, Zach Grenier, Donna Thomason, Cassie Mae Sears, Martin Liebschner Jr., Marvin Schroeder, Steven Price, David L. Asher, James Urbaniak, David Rees Snell, John Ales, Dave Wilson, Larry Greer, Kevin Fewell, John Durbin, Michael Owen, Jim Shelby, Addison Myers, Michael Linsley Rapport, Joseph Patrick Moynihan, Jennie Nauman, Christine Brandt, Bill Grivna, Nora Denney, Harry Gibbs, Clayton Vest, Roger Denesha, Jacob Kozlowski, David Lee Burnos Jr., Jennifer Ackland, T. Max Graham, Jill Barber, Jim Bentley, Michael Bush, Marc Davies, Michael Shane Davis, Cameron DeVictor, Nicole Dolci, Nancy Frye, Mat Hostetler, Patric Johnstone, Charlotte Kyle, Allen Lowman, Paul Meier, Michael Owen, Race Owen, Dusty Shaffer, Sean Whalen

Synopsis: Jake Roedel and Jack Bull Chiles are friends in Missouri when the Civil War starts. Women and Blacks have few rights. Jack Bull’s dad is killed by Union soldiers, so the young men join the Bushwhackers, irregulars loyal to the South. One is a Black man, Daniel Holt, beholden to the man who bought his freedom. They skirmish then spend long hours hiding. Sue Lee, a young widow, brings them food. She and Jack Bull become lovers, and when he’s grievously wounded, Jake escorts her south to a safe farm. The Bushwhackers, led by men set on revenge, make a raid into Kansas. At nineteen, Jake is ill at ease with war. As his friends die one after another, he must decide where honor lies.

Release Date: November 29, 1999 (USA) | Length: 138 min | Genre: Drama, Romance, War, Western | MPAA Rating: Rated R for graphic war violence.