Sheer Pandemic (2022)

Director: Grant Davis, Chason Laing

Writer(s): Chason Laing

Starring: Kris Clinton, Chason Laing, Grant Davis, Cassie Laing, Shiloh Laing, Kevin Clark, Ermalinda Chavarria, Clay E Jones, Karen Dotson, Ray Hurd, Tony Torres, Winston Daniels, Joe Rojas, Boston Gary Martinez, MeKayla Cook, Petey Pete, David Ellis, Jeff Swearingen, Robin Clayton, April Hartman, Theo Bray, Billy Myers, Kohen Laing, Judah Laing, Emmet Laing, Cohelet Laing, Shawn Novo, Eduardo Velazquez, Byron Carlson, Evy Rollins, Lilly Rollins, Patricia Pell, Beau Thompson, Laura Mae, Judo Jimmy, Cythia Santiago, Lance Santos, Lori Twichell, Clint Calkin, Rick Yielding, Dee Bratcher, Nate Frederickson, John Goad, Kim Titus, Tyler Thomas, Tonja Rene

Synopsis: Two unemployed friends become entangled with a gangster once the money starts rolling in after selling black-market toilet paper during a pandemic.

Release Date: January 4, 2022 (USA) | Length: 104 min | Genre: Comedy | MPAA Rating: NR | Note(s): Most of the cast are not listed in the IMDB cast list. The above credits are from the film but I’m having trouble identifying people because some characters are not called by their names in the movie like Punch’s mom.

Punch’s Mom