Steel Sharks (1997)

Jun 25, 1997 | Action, General Film

Director: Rodney McDonald

Writer(s): William C. Martell

Starring: Gary Busey, Billy Dee Williams, Billy Warlock, Shaun Toub, Robert Miranda, David Roberson, Barry Livingston, Tim Abell, Mathew St. Patrick, Eric Lawson, Tim Lounibos, Matthew R. Anderson, Larry Poindexter, Anthony Griffith, Miranda Wolfe, Ahmed Ahmed, Curnal Achilles Aulisio, Jeff Burnett, Thomas R. Martin, William Langlois

Synopsis: In this undersea thriller, a United States submarine is seized by terrorists. But a rescue attempt by an elite group of Navy Seals goes wrong when they are captured. Now they must wage a silent war beneath the waves.

Release Date: June 25, 1997 (Hungary) | Length: 94 min | Genre: Action | MPAA Rating: Rated R for some combat action violence.