Strictly Business (1991)

Nov 8, 1991 | Comedy, General Film, Romance

Director: Kevin Hooks, Rolando Hudson (uncredited)

Writer(s): Pam Gibson, Nelson George

Starring: Tommy Davidson, Joseph C. Phillips, Anne-Marie Johnson, David Marshall Grant, Jon Cypher, Samuel L. Jackson, Halle Berry, Kim Coles, Paul Butler, James McDaniel, Paul Provenza, Annie Golden, Sam Rockwell, Ira Wheeler, Sarah Stavrou, Ellis Williams, Joe Torry, Susan Haskell, Marita Stavrou, Ivelka Reyes, Glenn Kubota, Edmund Ikeda, Novella Nelson, Trula Hoosier Marcus, Victor Slezak, Mansoor Najee-ullah, Greg Mays, Darryl Barnes, David ‘Redhead’ Guppy, Lyndah McCaskill, Michele Morgan, Denis Leary, Angelo Dimascio, Kevin Hooks, Isaiah Washington, Margaret Crossby, Ellen Cleghorne, Jerome Preston Bates, Geraldo Alverio, Eugene Key, Robin Hamon, Jodeci, John Finnerty, Mike Hayes, Gary Landon Mills, Damon Pooser

Synopsis: Waymon has a great job in real estate and a promising future, but he’s also trapped in a loveless long-term relationship. He meets Natalie, a beautiful club-hopping hipster, and quickly falls in love. Realizing he’s just not cool enough to attract her on his own, he seeks the help of his friend Bobby, a free-spirited smooth talker who works in the mail room at Waymon’s firm and utilizes the predicament as leverage to advance in the company.

Release Date: November 08, 1991 (USA) | Length: 83 min | Genre: Comedy, Romance | Certificate: PG-13