Support the Girls (2018)

Comedy, Drama, General Film

Director: Andrew Bujalski

Writer(s): Andrew Bujalski

Starring: Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson, Dylan Gelula, Zoe Graham, Ann McCaskey, Elizabeth Trieu, Krista Hayes, Victor Isaac Perez, Jesse Marshall, Luis Olmeda, Shayna McHayle, Jermichael Grey, Christopher Weimer, John Elvis, Lea DeLaria, Lindsay Anne Kent, Sam Stinson, Jonny Mars, Steve Zapata, Carlos Pina, Gerald Brodin, Laura Frances, Pete O. Partida, Sam Slater, Nicole Onyeje, James Le Gros, Bill Wise, Lawrence VarnadoWillita Mahone, AJ Michalka, Dennis Moore, Dylan Samuel, Clay Liford, Jana Kramer, Kat Rogers, Sean H.A. Gallagher, Chris V. Brown, John Bryant, Eric John Morton, David Bernon, Brooklyn Decker, AnnaClare Hicks, Cyrus Albertson, Alexandra Bates, Alexander Bujalski, Irene Bujalski, Emily Costello, Mike Dellens, Sage Flowers, Summit Flowers, Ricky Green, Norrissa Groth, Josh Ashy Holden, Karen Olsson, Esther Peralez, Richard Porter, Alisha Revel, Jasmine Skloss Harrison, Larry Welch, Meghan Whitfield, Joshua Hawkins, Brian Bogart, Bryan Ensign, Michael L Garcia Jr., Drew Law, Justin Leon, Eric Morton, J. Alan Nelson, Bobby Lee Osborn, Brent A. Riggs, Jeff Schwan, Nirav Sevak, Luis John Soria, Tony Tamayo, Heath Young

Synopsis: The general manager at a highway-side ‘breastaurant’ has her incurable optimism and faith–in her girls, her customers, and herself–tested over the course of a long, strange day.

Release Date: August 24, 2018 (USA) | Length: 93 min | Genre: Drama, Comedy| MPAA Rating: Rated R for language including sexual references, and brief nudity.

Note: Premiere at SXSW on March 9, 2018. Above is the theatrical release.