Surrounded (2021)

Director: Anthony Mandler

Writer(s): Andrew Pagana, Justin Thomas

Starring: Brett Gelman, Jamie Bell, Michael Kenneth Williams, Jeffrey Donovan, Letitia Wright, Ian A. Hudson, Keith Jardine, Luce Rains, Tatanka Means, Eric Tiede, Peter Diseth, Herman Johansen, Austin Rising, Kevin Wiggins, David Manzanares, Mark Dalton, Brandon Root, Nathaniel Augustson, Augusta Allen-Jones, Andrew Pagana, A.J. Voliton, Tony Sedillo, Ben Painter, James LaPrelle

Synopsis: Former Buffalo Soldier Mo Washington travels West to lay claim on a gold mine. After her stagecoach is ambushed, Mo is tasked with holding a dangerous outlaw captive and must survive the day when the bandit’s gang tries to free him.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Western | MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence and language. Note(s): Original announcement. This film is complete but waiting for release date, poster and trailer.