Sweetheart of the Navy (1937)

Missing Trailer

Director: Duncan Mansfield

Writer(s): Carroll Graham, Garrett Graham, Jay Strauss

Starring: Eric Linden, Cecilia Parker, Roger Imhof, Bernadene Hayes, Don Barclay, Etta McDaniel, Reed Howes, Eddy Waller, Jason Robards Sr., Cully Richards, John T. Murray, Art Miles, Henry Roquemore, Fred Murray, Vance Carroll, Benny Burt, George Chesebro, Kit Guard, Harry Strang, Ray Teal

Synopsis: Singer struggles to make her new nightclub succeed in a naval port after her partner leaves with the funds but not the bills.

Release Date: June 8, 1937 (USA) | Length: 61 min | Genre: Comedy, Musical, Romance | Certificate: Approved