Tap Shoes & Violins (2014)

Comedy, Drama, Romance, Short Film, Watch FREE


Director: Dax Brooks

Writer(s): Aireka Muse

Starring: Jessica Williams, Michael McCusker, Shannon Kane, Brandon P Bell, Courtney Shier, Ruth Washington, Dila Andersen, Lexi Hart, Jorge Usatorres, Ishmel Sahid, Julian McCullough, Patrick Lucey, Charlotte Brickwood, Nick Williams, Sulem Calderon, Angie DeGrazia, Jena Hall, Natalie Forouton, Casey Gutting, Scott Mervine, Chia Chen, Malcolm L. Lusby, Simoni Valentina

Synopsis: When two unlucky in love 20 somethings meet at a coffee shop and neither ask for the others number, they return home realizing that they met someone special and set out to find each other once again.

Release Date: August 2, 2015 (USA) | Length: 20 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Premiered at the Blackstar Film Festival in Philadelphia on August 2nd, 2015.