That’s What I’m Talking About: Movers, Shakers and Playmakers (2006)

Documentary, History, Lost Film, Made for TV

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Director: Lisa Richardson (line producer)

Writer(s): Stephen Mortell (editor)

Starring: Wayne Brady, Spike Lee, John Ridley, Wanda Sykes, Al Sharpton, Greg Anthony

Synopsis: Filmmakers Spike Lee and John Ridley, comedian Wanda Sykes, civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton and former NBA player Greg Anthony face off in a lively and heated debate on the most influential blacks of sports, politics and comedy. Personal experiences, politics and backgrounds fuel the arguments. The result is a passionate look at these great individuals and an insight into the guests themselves.

Release Date: February 8, 2006 (USA) | Length: 60 min | Genre: History | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: That’s What I’m Talking About aired in three consecutive installments each Wednesday night through February 15, 2016 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Throughout each hour, host Wayne Brady engaged the panelists — who span the generational lines — in an unfiltered conversation about the influence and impact of black culture and entertainment on American culture, from segregation, to the most influential TV shows to the popularity of athletes to interracial dating and more. The result was a captivating, lively hour in which strong opinions are expressed and anecdotes and jokes are exchanged. The series also featured clips and images from dozens of iconic characters, television shows, movies and other forms of entertainment as panelists tried to prove their case in a fast-paced, rapid fire exchange. (from press release) I have only see the one posted by REELBlack. I hope the other episodes are found.