The African Doctor (2016)

Jun 8, 2016 | Comedy, Drama, General Film

Director: Julien Rambaldi

Writer(s): Kamini Zantoko, Julien Rambaldi, Benoît Graffin

Starring:Marc Zinga, Aïssa Maïga, Bayron Lebli, Médina Diarra, Rufus, Jonathan Lambert, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, Stéphane Bissot, Marie-Philomène Nga, Mata Gabin, Diogène Ntarindwa, Jean Bediebe, Narcisse Mame, Sylvestre Amoussou, Frédérick Bukolé, Tatiana Rojo, Marius Yelolo, Micheline Dieye, Riton Liebman, Thomas Vandenberghe, Édith Le Merdy, Stéphanie Crayencour, Jean-Marie Barbier, Vincent Martin, Jean-Michel Balthazar, Caroline Safarian, Bwanga Pilipili, Stéphane Brodzki, Maya Boelpape, Christophe Lambert, Michel Schillaci, Laurent Caron, Louise Jacob, Ingrid Heiderscheidt, Francis Adam, Jovial Mbenga, Martin Gillis, Emilie Rouhart, Mutamba Kalonji, Valentine van Loock, Vincent Lecuyer, Sébastien Waroquier, Bernard Eylenbosch, Stéphane Fenocchi, Samuel Seynave, Bertrand Daine, Quentin Marteau, Nissim Renard, Maxime Rennaux

Synopsis: In 1975 Kinshasa, Seyolo Zantoko, fresh out of medical school, seizes the opportunity to take an open position for a doctor in a small French village called Marly-Gomont. Moving there, Seyolo and his family quickly find themselves disillusioned. The isolated white Marly-Gomont population have never seen black people before in their lives, so you can imagine what happens next, as Seyolo, undeterred by all the uncertainties that surround him and his family, remains determined to succeed in his new post, and win the villagers over.

Release Date: June 8, 2016 (France) | Length: 96 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama | MPAA Rating: N/A