The First Noelle (2022)

Comedy, Holiday, Made for TV, Romance

Director: Patricia Cuffie-Jones

Writer(s): Patricia Cuffie-Jones, Ariel Driskell

Starring: Novi Brown, Todd Anthony, Lala Milan, Karan Kendrick, Kendra C. Johnson, Lamar Stewart, Rico Ball, Margo Moorer, Leon Pridgen, Steven G. Turner, Maxie McClintock, Shanita Wilburn, Fabiola Calixte

Synopsis: After twenty years of friendship, Terrance and Noelle finally decide to date each other but ultimately break up when Terrance moves to London for work. Now that Terrance is back in Atlanta for Christmas with his new girl, also named Noelle, our lead is determined to get him back and say goodbye to being friend-zoned forever.

Release Date: November 10, 2022 (USA) | Length: 89 min | Genre: Comedy, Holiday, Romance| Certificate: TV-PG | Note(s): Autumn Bailey, Lorisa Bates. Noelle Broussard, Devin Griffin, Maureen Guthman, Tuesday Lewis and Marvin Neil are producers on this project.