The Iron Mistress (1952)

Director: Gordon Douglas

Writer(s): James R. Webb (screenplay), Paul Wellman (novel)

Starring: Alan Ladd, Virginia Mayo, Joseph Calleia, Phyllis Kirk, Alf Kjellin, Douglas Dick, Anthony Caruso, Nedrick Young, George Voskovec, Richard Carlyle, Robert Emhardt, Don Beddoe, Harold Gordon, Jay Novello, Nick Dennis, Sarah Selby, Dick Paxton, George J. Lewis, Edward Colmans, Gordon Nelson, Daria Massey, Leon Alton, John Alvin, Ernest Anderson, Walter Bacon, Salvador Baguez, Richard Bartell, John Barton, Madge Blake, Oliver Blake, Eugene Borden, Chet Brandenburg, Harry Brown, Morgan Brown, Ivan Browning, Argentina Brunetti, Morris Buchanan, Peter Camlin, Jack Carr, Fred Cavens, Charlita, Ann Codee, Dick Cogan, Roger Cole, Frances Curry, Marcel De la Brosse, Jean Del Val, Frank Ferguson, Stanley Fraser, Rudolf Friml Jr., Wesley Gale, Billy Griffith, Robert Haines, Sam Harris, Lars Hensen, Ramsay Hill, Reed Howes, Gayle Kellogg, Fred Kelsey, Juan Lopez, Primo López, Larance Marable, Billy McCoy, Frank McLure, David McMahon, Juanita Moore, Mike Morelli, Alberto Morin, Carmen Pallais, Dorita Pallais, Harvey Parry, Gabriel Peralta, Vic Perrin, Jack Perry, Amanda Randolph, Fred Rapport, Marshall Ruth, Ralph Smiley, Robert Strong, Hal Taggart, Louis Tomei, Carlo Tricoli, Enrique Valadez, Gloria Varela, Cecil Weston, Blackie Whiteford, David Wolfe, Roque Ybarra

Synopsis: Barely historical presentation of the life of Jim Bowie. Here he goes to New Orleans to sell lumber but falls in love with Judalon. To match his rivals he must become sophisticated and does so. By the time he sells the mill, starts a plantation and tries to wed Jedualon the woman has wed playboy Phillipe. Along the way to true wisdom he designs a special knife made from part of a meteorite.

Release Date: November 19, 1952 (USA) | Length: 110 min | Genre: Action, Adventure, Biography | Certificate: Passed