The Lawless Nineties (1936)

Director: Joseph Kane

Writer(s): Joseph F. Poland, Scott Pembroke

Starring: John Wayne, Ann Rutherford, Harry Woods, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes, Al Bridge, Fred ‘Snowflake’ Toones, Etta McDaniel, Tom Brower, Lane Chandler, Cliff Lyons, Jack Rockwell, Al Taylor, Charles King, George Chesebro, Tracy Layne, Chuck Baldra, Sam Flint, Tom London, Chris Allen, Bob Burns, Horace B. Carpenter, Steve Clark, Jim Corey, Art Dillard, Curley Dresden, Helen Gibson, Henry Hall, James Harrison, Edward Hearn, Wally Howe, Lloyd Ingraham, Jack Kirk, Bert Lindley, William McCall, Philo McCullough, Lew Meehan, Jack Montgomery, George Morrell, Bud Osborne, Tex Palmer, Pascale Perry, Rose Plumer, Bud Pope, James Sheridan, Emma Tansey, Blackjack Ward

Synopsis: Federal agent John Tipton heads for Wyoming to supervise the vote on whether to join the Union. One group of locals is using dynamite to terrorize the populace and a local newspaper editor is killed.

Release Date: February 15, 1936 (USA) | Length: 55 min | Genre: Wesern | Certificate: NR

Note: I didn’t find a trailer for this film.