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The Maiden Heist (2009)

Director: Peter Hewitt

Writer(s): Michael LeSieur

Starring: Christopher Walken, Joseph McKenna, Wynn Everett, Patricia B. Till, Marcia Gay Harden, Bhavesh Patel, Todd Weeks, Philip Dorn Hebert, Morgan Freeman, William H. Macy, Jim Chiros, Breckin Meyer, Stephen Stapinski, Bates Wilder, Anthony Cascio, Naheem R. Garcia, David J. Curtis, Bart A. Piscitello Jr., James Welu, Christy Scott Cashman, Peter Darrigo, Douglass Bowen Flynn, Dale F. Appel, Ellen Becker-Gray, Beau C. Bedugnis, Eric Bruno Borgman, Joshua Brown, Gail Bruno, Burke Bryant, Lorenne Clarke, Vic Clay, Desiree April Connolly, Michael Anthony Coppola, Victoria Cyr, Elisangela DiAlencar, Roger Dillingham Jr., Vincent J. Earnshaw, Scott C England, Keith Fluker, Shawn Fogarty, Jim Ford, David J. Garfield, Albert Gornie, Sophya Gudelman, Patrick Mel Hayes, Mark Hemphill, Eric Hofer, Lawrence Hollie, Edmund J. Janas, Marcela Jaramillo, Kimmie Johnson, Haytham Kandil, Glenn W. Kane, Jon Korzeniowski, Dan Marshall, Robert Masiello, Paul McGillicuddy, Todd Mello, Luis Moco, Tarek Moussa, Michael P. O’Toole, Giovanni Pantaleo, Michael J. Peluso, Osmani Rodriguez, Edward A. Sherman IV, Billy Silvia, Lars-Erik J. Siren, Ben Skinner, Rich Skinner, Chuck Slavin, Vyvian B. Stevens, Kal Thompson, Fraser Townley, Amanda Wall, Donald Warnock, A.G. Wilde, Rob Williams, Jimm Wilson, Ashley Wolfe, Darryl Wooten, Adam Zalt

Synopsis: Three middle-age guards learn that their museum has sold a wing of art to a Danish museum. Each has a favorite in that collection, and none can imagine life without the peace and completion it brings. Though mere acquaintances, they plot a theft of the three pieces between the time they are packed and the time they’re loaded onto a plane. First each must obtain a forgery; then, they have to smuggle the forgeries into the museum and find a way to make the switches. The heist is complicated by Roger’s intrusive wife – he’s promised her a trip to Florida for their anniversary – and George’s proclivity for taking his clothes off when standing in front of the warrior statue he loves.

Release Date: April 30, 2009 (USA) | Length: 90 min | Genre: Comedy, Crime | MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some strong language, nudity and brief fantasy violence.

Note: Premiered at the USA Film Festival in 2009.


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