Truck Turner (1974)

Action, Crime, General Film, Thriller

Director: Jonathan Kaplan

Writer(s): Oscar Williams, Michael Allin, Jerry Wilkes, Leigh Chapman

Starring: Isaac Hayes, Yaphet Kotto, Alan Weeks, Annazette Chase, Nichelle Nichols, Sam Laws, Paul Harris, Charles Cyphers, John Kramer, Scatman Crothers, Dick Miller, Bob Harris, Jac Emel, Stan Shaw, Wendell Tucker, Sonny Barnes, Don Watters, Eddie Smith, Esther Sutherland, Earl Maynard, Henry Kingi, Lawrence Gabriel Jr., James Millhollin, Jon Jacobs, Douglas Anderson, Don Megowan, Richard Selzer, Ruth Warshawsky, Cheryl Sampson, Edna Richardson, Dernadette Gladden, Tara Strohmeier, Lisa Farringer, Sharon Madigan, Mel Novak, Donnie Williams, Randy Gray, Annik Borel, Matthew ‘Stymie’ Beard, Rhavan Briggs, Johnny Ray McGhee, Clarence Lockett, John Evans, John Dennis, Jamie Anderson, Earl Jolly Brown, Jonathan Kaplan, Fred Weintraub

Synopsis: After an injury destroys a man’s football career, he becomes a bounty hunter–recording artist Isaac Hayes plays Truck Turner, the neighborhood man who operates as strong arm for a bail bondsman.

Release Date: February 17, 1975 (USA) | Length: 91 min | Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller | Certificate: R

Note: Isaac Hayes also does the soundtrack for this film. The Bob Harris in this film is Roland Bob Harris in the role of Snow. His name appears in the film credits as Bob Harris but he doesn’t appear in the IMDB credits under either name.