Director: Robert Butler

Writer(s): Jonathan Brett

Starring: Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly, Brendan Gleeson, Hector Elizondo, Rachel Ticotin, Jeffrey DeMunn, John Finn, Ben Cross, Catherine Hicks, Heidi Kling, Gordy Owens, J. Kenneth Campbell, James MacDonald, Michael Harney, Grand L. Bush, Richard Hoyt-Miller, Michael Francis Kelly, Alan Bergmann, Danna Hansen, R.J. Knoll, Sondra Spriggs, Garrett M. Brown, Darryl Theirse, Fritz Mashimo, Tom Todoroff, Jeff Joseph, Dennis Redfield, Malachy McCourt, Gary Rodriguez, William H. Burton Jr., Callie Thorne, John Elsen, Bill Cross, Tannis Benedict, Don Dowe, Scott Gurney, Cooper Huckabee, Ken Thatcher II, Kevin O’Rourke, Scott Lawrence, Ken Mosley, Lara Bierner, Paxton Culpepper, Charles Gemmill, Dave Mallow, Billy Malone, L.A. Rothman

Synopsis: Ryan Weaver romances beautiful women before he kills them. Ryan is arrested, convicted, and is part of a Christmas Eve transfer of prisoners on a transcontinental 747 commercial flight. Other airlines at JFK may have holiday passengers waiting on stand-by, but this jumbo jet takes off with a lot of empty seats. Ryan and another prisoner overpower and kill their guards. The few civilian passengers are herded into a “pantry” on the plane and are not seen again until the end of the movie. Ryan eliminates the other prisoners and all the crew members except Teri Halloran. The remainder of the movie follows a “cat-and-mouse” game between Ryan and Teri on the 747.

Release Date: January 10, 1997 (USA) | Length: 100 min | Genre: Action, Disaster, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Rated R for terror, strong violence and language.