Uncle Sam (1996)

Director: William Lustig

Writer(s): Larry Cohen

Starring: William Smith, David ‘Shark’ Fralick, Christopher Ogden, Leslie Neale, Bo Hopkins, Matthew Flint, Anne Tremko, Isaac Hayes, Timothy Bottoms, Tim Grimm, P.J. Soles, Tom McFadden, Zachary McLemore, Morgan Paull, Richard Cummings Jr., Robert Forster, Frank Pesce, Jason Adelman, Laura Alcalde, Raquel Alessi, Abby Ball, Stanton Barrett, Mark Chadwick, Chris Durand, Taylor Jones, Desirae Klein, Jason Lustig, Joseph Vitare, Steve Moramarco, Jonathon Stearns, Gary Viggers, Peter Fullerton, Greg Bronson,

Synopsis: Desert Storm vet who was killed in combat rises from the grave on July Fourth, to kill the unpatriotic citizens of his hometown, after some teens burn an American flag over his burial site.

Release Date: July 4, 1997 (USA) | Length: 89 min | Genre: Comedy, Horror | MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong horror violence and brief nudity

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