Director: Tyler Perry

Writer(s): Tyler Perry

Starring: Cheryl Pepsii Riley, LaVan Davis, Donna Stewart, Cordell Moore, Greg Stewart, Tony Grant, Demetria McKinney, Beverly Faulks, Kelly Price, Michael Burton

Synopsis: Every year, these friends get together for a weekend retreat. This year sparks fly from the first moment: Diana (an attorney married to Terry) is distressed that the unhappily married Sheila has brought her friend Trina along. Diana thinks Trina has her gold-digging sights set on Mike, Sheila’s mean-spirited husband. This year, their unmarried friend, Troy, comes alone. The weekend ends early in disclosures and heartbreak. A year later, the six people – plus Terry’s widowed father, Poppy – gather and this time they each address the question, “Why did I get married?” The answers reveal beliefs, decisions, and personalities. At any moment, someone might break into song.

Release Date: June 27, 2006 (USA) | Length: 132min | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical | MPAA Rating: Unrated


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