You’re in the Army Now (1941)

Director: Lewis Seiler

Writer(s): Paul Girard Smith, George Beatty, Hugh Cummings, Fred Niblo Jr., Louis Quinn

Starring: Jimmy Durante, Phil Silvers, Jane Wyman, Regis Toomey, Donald MacBride, Joe Sawyer, Clarence Kolb, Paul Harvey, George Meeker, Paul Stanton, William Haade, John Maxwell, Etta McDaniel, Navy Blues Sextette, Kay Aldridge, Peggy Diggins, Marguerite Chapman, Georgia Carroll, Alix Talton, Leslie Brooks, Matty Malneck’s Orchestra, Matty Malneck, Murray Alper, Armando & Lita, John Breen, Walter Brooke, James Bush, Anthony Caruso, Eddy Chandler, Ray Cooke, Charles Drake, Roland Drew, Fern Emmett, Bill Erwin, James Flavin, Dick French, Arthur Gardner, Jack Gardner, Pat Gleason, Herbert Gunn, Weldon Heyburn, William Hopper, Olin Howland, John Kelly, Victor Kilian, Richard Kipling, Harry Lewis, Sally Loomis, Renny McEvoy, Matt McHugh, Patrick McVey, Ray Montgomery, Will Morgan, David Newell, Steve Pendleton, William ‘Bill’ Phillips, Marc Platt, John Roy, Garland Smith, Charles Sullivan, Frank Sully, Ralph Urmy, Max Wagner, William Wagner, Dick Wessel, Gig Young

Synopsis: Vacuum-cleaner salesmen Homer “Jeeper” Smith and “Breezy” Jones are accidentally inducted into the army, and “Jeeper”, who can sell anything, immediately begins to try and convince, Colonel Dobson, their cavalry officer of the Old School—from the “nothing can replace a horse in a battle” school—that the age of mechanization has arrived and “Jeeper” has a deal for him on some tanks. This also helps further the romance between the colonels’ daughter, Bliss (named after the fort in El Paso), and Captain Joe Radcliffe, a mechanical engineer with the tank corps. Along the way, at an U. S. O show (featuring the Navy Blues Sextette from the film “Navy Blues”), “Jeeper” does an Apache Dance, spikes the lemonade with alum, and sings “I’m Glad My Number Was Called.”

Release Date: December 25, 1941 (USA) | Length: 79 min | Genre: Comedy | Certificate: Passed


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