18 Fingers Of Death! (2006)

Director: James Lew

Writer(s): James Lew

Starring: Shane Aaron, Koji Abe, Michael Andersen, John Arrington, Lisa Arturo, Jenna Bailey, Paige Baxter, Ross Bernard, Erik Betts, Aaron Bolden, Donovan Brandt, Charlie George Brown, George Cheung, Arnold Chon, Nancy P. Corbo, Geo Corvera, Esteban Cueto, Roark Critchlow, Lori Beth Denberg, Joey Diaz, Matthew Emery, Christina Franco, Luke Franco, Kirk Graves, Brad Greenquist, Eddie Griffin Jr., Jerry Guerin, Vincent Guisetti, David G. Harper, Marc Hatchell, Falk Hentschel, Squeen Holzen, Peter Iacangelo III, David Scott Jones, Joe Jones, Steve Kim, Christina Knizner, Kelly Koskella, Lindsay Kuhn, Luke LaFontaine, Lorenzo Lamas, Will Leong, James Lew, June Kyoto Lu, Michael David Masters, Michael Matsuda, Kristopher Medina, John Montana, Martin Morales, Norman Mora, Pat Morita, Michael A. Nordenstrom, Gianni Notaro, Joe Ordaz, Ho-Sung Pak, Maurice Patton, James Price, Stuart Quan, Simon Rhee, Jonathon Rice, Murray Rubinstein, Diane Sellers, Erica Shepard, Robin Shou, Rico Simonini, Sonny Sison, Nick Slatkin, Jermaine Soto, Buddy Sosthand, Dan Speaker, Booboo Stewart, Nils Allen Stewart, Larnell Stovall, Ronn Surels, Cary Thompson, Alan Noel Vega, Edwin Villa, Vincent M. Ward, Kelly Williams, Bokeem Woodbine, Don Wilson, Marty Yacobian, Stuart W. Yee, Kofi Yiadom, Richard Voigts, Johnny Diaz Reyes, Debora Hunter, Michael Q. Schmidt, Shaun Thingvold, Joseph Thomas Jr., Lamesha Vine

Synopsis: The “buzz” in Hollywood is that, “18 FINGERS OF DEATH!” will kick the butt out of the low budget martial arts movies genre and knocks us down to the ground laughing! This funny “sockumentart” of the world of Chop sockey, kung fooey, ninja poo poo, karate kidding croutching tiger stuff takes you on the journey of making martial arts movies at it’s lowest. The best kept secret in Hollywood is legendary martial arts star, Buford Lee. He has starred in eight hundred and three “B” minus minus martial arts movies. But nobody knows who he is! Nobody, that is, except Ronald Mck, fresh out of inner city high school, full of unstoppable energy and determined to shoot a documentary on his favorite martial arts hero, Buford Lee. Through interviews, personal footage, private behind the scenes clips and selected action scenes from Buford’s classic movies like “I KILL YOU UNTIL YOU DIE”, “17 FINGERS OF DEATH!”, and “THE LEGEND OF THE DRUNKEN BASTARD”, you’ll really experience what it is like to be …

Release Date: April 11, 2006 (USA) | Length: 87 min | Genre: Action, Comedy | MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some crude and sex-related humor.

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