Car Wash (1976)

Director: Michael Schultz

Writer(s): Joel Schumacher

Starring: Darrow Igus, Otis Day, James Spinks, Antonio Fargas, The Pointer Sisters (Anita Pointer, Bonnie Pointer, June Pointer, Ruth Pointer), Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Clarence Muse, Franklyn Ajaye, Tracy Reed, Bill Duke, Ivan Dixon, Henry Kingi, Pepe Serna, Ray Vitte, Jack Kehoe, Garrett Morris, Leon Pinkney, Renn Woods, Lorraine Gary, Lauren Jones, Leonard Jackson, Sully Boyar, Irwin Corey, Richard Brestoff, Melanie Mayron, Arthur French, Michael Fennell, Antonie Becker, Erin Blunt, Carmine Caridi, Reginald Farmer, Ricky Fellen, Ben Frommer, Cynthia Hamowy, Ed Metzger, Antar Mubarak, Derek Schultz, Mike Slaney, Al Stellone, Jackie Toles, Janine Williams, Otis Sistrunk, Tim Thomerson, Jason Bernard, Jay Butler, J.J. Jackson, Rod McGrew, Sarina C. Grant, Billy Bass, Brooke Adams, Benny Baker, Danny DeVito, Lewis Lillian, Danny Tucker, Sunny Woods, Brian Gusse, Barbara Walden

Synopsis: The eccentric employees at a Los Angeles car wash struggle to get through the day.

Release Date: October 22, 1976 (USA) | Length: 97 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance | Certificate: PG


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