Education (2020)

Dec 18, 2020 | Drama, Made for TV

Director: Steve McQueen

Writer(s): Steve McQueen, Alastair Siddons

Starring: Kenyah Sandy, Sharlene Whyte, Tamara Lawrance, Daniel Francis, Josette Simon, Ryan Masher, Naomi Ackie, Jairaj Varsani, Aiyana Goodfellow, Tabitha Byron, Jo Martin, Nathan Moses, Kemal Sylvester, Kate Dickie, Stewart Wright, Nigel Boyle, Roshawn Hewitt, Adrian Rawlins, Trevor Laird, Jade Anouka, Sam Fourness, Ralph Davis, Kayla Meikle, Temirlan Blaev, Brooke Haynes, Tony Dawson

Synopsis: Education is the coming of age story of 12-year-old Kingsley (Kenyah Sandy), who has a fascination for astronauts and rockets. When Kingsley is pulled to the headmaster’s office for being disruptive in class, he discovers he’s being sent to a school for those with “special needs.” Distracted by working two jobs, his parents (Sharlene Whyte, Daniel Francis) are unaware of the unofficial segregation policy at play, preventing many Black children from receiving the education they deserve, until a group of West Indian women take matters into their own hands. READ REVIEW

Release Date: December 18, 2020 (USA) | Length: 63 min | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: TV-MA

Note: Part of the “Small Axe” anthology series (Alex Wheatle, Education, Lovers Rock, Mangrove, Red, White and Blue), based on the real-life experiences of London’s West Indian community and is set between 1969 and 1982.