Fight That Ghost (1946)

Missing Trailer

Director: Sam Newfield

Writer(s): Sam Newfield, Ted Toddy

Starring: Dewey ‘Pigmeat’ Markham, John Murray, Percy Verwayen, David Bethea, Alberta Pryne, Claire Leyba, Clarice Grayham, Bill Dillard, George Wiltshire, Wen Talbert, Rudy Toombs, Milton Woods, Raymond Allen, Sidney Easton

Synopsis: Pigmeat and Shorty, who own “Pigmeat and Shorty’s Bootery”, are told by their landlord to either pay up or get out. They get caught trying to short-count him, and he threatens to have them arrested. After a series of disasters–they ruin a customer’s suit, their store blows up–they get a telegram notifying them that a man they once did a kindness for has left them quite a bit of money and a house, but in order to get the inheritance, they have to spend a night in the bedroom of the man’s house. When they arrive there, they notice two things–the place is kind of creepy and a series of spooky incidents leaves them to believe the house is haunted.

Release Date: 1946 (USA) | Length: Unknown | Genre: Comedy, Horror, Music | Certificate: Approved

Note: I would need to watch this film to better identify people but the DAARAC has it listed as LOST.