Director: Jon Keeyes

Writer(s): Mickey Solis

Starring: Tyrese Gibson, Christopher Backus, John Malkovich, Michael Jai White, Brandi Bravo, Luna Lauren Velez, Holly Taylor, Zani Jones Mbayise, Carlos S. Sanchez, Fedna Jacquet, Aleksander Vayshelboym, Charlie Sara, John D. Hickman, Susannah Hoffman, Adrian Alvarado, Mickey Solis, Lyman Good, Rohan Gurbaxani, Kelly Nash Croughwell, Leslie Stratton, Scott Brody, Brooke Carrell, Abraham Vasquez

Synopsis: Single father and former Marine Kyle Snowden, on a routine stop for his job in Child Protective Services, finds himself and a group of innocent customers trapped inside his stepfather’s store.

Release Date: June 11, 2021 (USA) | Length: 93 min | Genre: Action, Thriller | MPAA Rating: NR

Note: Tyrese is also a producer on this project.