The Burial (2023)

Director: Maggie Betts

Writer(s): Doug Wright (screenplay); Jonathan Harr (article)

Starring: Jurnee Smollett, Tommy Lee Jones, Jamie Foxx, Mamoudou Athie, Alan Ruck, Amanda Warren, Logan Macrae, Pamela Reed, Bill Camp, Dorian Missick, Andrea Frankle, Billy Slaughter, Peyton Turner, Jim Klock, Xavier Mills, Lance E. Nichols, Tracy Brotherton, Summer Selby, Doug Spearman, Evan Brinkman, David Maldonado, Elton LeBlanc, Brad Blanchard, Gralen Bryant Banks, Wendy Conrad, Jennifer Lynn Warren, Jalene Mack, Paris Turner, Rose Bianca Grue, David Storm, Keith Jefferson, Kamille McCuin, David Alexander, Elisha Davis, Patrick Robinson, Reynada Robinson, Cynthia LeBlanc, B.J. Clinkscales, George Ketsios, Christopher Winchester, Jesse Gavin, Tedrick Martin, Tywayne Wheatt, Dan Thorp, Pete Mangum, Dennis Hornsby, Teisha Speight, Olivia Brody, Monica Rosetta Harrison, Cat Wilkinson, Patrick Gallagher, Ken Knight, Suzette Lange, Michael Wozniak

Synopsis: A charismatic personal injury lawyer famous for his impressive track record and loudly unconventional approach decides to help a funeral home owner save his family business from a predatory corporate behemoth. In a move to bring emotional resonance to a dry contract law case, the lawyer digs up an unexpected and complex web of race, power, and oppression that forces everyone to examine long buried prejudices they didn’t know they had.

Release Date: Unknown | Length: Unknown | Genre: Drama | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): Original announcement. Jamie Foxx and Datari Turner are producers on this project. Based on a New Yorker article by Jonathan Harr. I need to watch the film to identify Monica Rosetta Harrison.