Director: Alan J. Pakula

Writer(s): John Grisham (book), Alan J. Pakula (screenplay)

Starring: Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, Sam Shepard, John Heard, Tony Goldwyn, James Sikking, William Atherton, Robert Culp, Stanley Tucci, Hume Cronyn, John Lithgow, Anthony Heald, Nicholas Woodeson, Stanley Anderson, John Finn, Cynthia Nixon, Jake Weber, Casey Biggs, Christopher Murray, Sonny Jim Gaines, Kevin Geer, Joe Chrest, Richard Bauer, Michelle O’Neill, Peter Carlin, Ralph Cosham, Terrence Currier, Edwin Newman, Helen Carey, Howard Shalwitz, Kyle Prue, Jewell Robinson, Kim Peter Kovac, Norman Aronovic, Carl Palmer, Carol Sutton, Scott Michael Jefferson, Danny Kamin, Mark McLaughlin, Robert Pavlovich, Magee Hickey, Constance Yelverton, Kim Kettle, Ellie K. Wang, Franchelle Stewart Dorn, Karen Bralove, Teagle F. Bougere, Carey Varner, Sandra Quarterman, Cynthia Hood, Alan Wade, Harold Surratt, Paul Morella, Ed Johnson, Jurian Hughes, Dick Stilwell, Tom Quinn, Beverly Brigham, Eliza Coleman, Doug Coleman, Michael Port, Shanna Connell, Gene Babb, Kyle Duvall, Karl Warren, Carrie Boren, James Earl Reed, Keith Fluker, Joe James, Shane LeCocq, Kelly Lynn Richards, Codie Scott, Scott Shay, William Shipman, John A. Taylor, Greta Valenti

Synopsis: Taut thriller about a young law student whose legal brief about the assassination of two Supreme Court justices causes her to be targeted by killers. She realizes just how accurate her accusations have been when her lover and mentor is murdered. Forced to go on the run in New Orleans, she is aided by a journalist who helps her unravel a conspiracy involving senior government figures.

Release Date: December 17, 1993 (USA) | Length: 141 min | Genre: Action, Crime, Drama | MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for momentary language and some violence.


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