Wanted: Soulful Energy Xchange (2002)

Jan 1, 2002 | Comedy, Fantasy, Lost Film, Short Film

Missing Trailer

Director: Allen L. Sowelle

Writer(s): Allen L. Sowelle

Starring: Gary Dourdan, Mari Morrow, Joshua Feinman, William L. Johnson, Lucia Grillo, Nick Gomez, Leslie Berger, Catherine L. Cox, Jennifer Ferdinand, Ryan Honey, Steve G. Jones, D.W. Reiser, Yetem Kefale, Coco Matil

Synopsis: When Marcis makes the fatal mistake of responding to Lettie’s question about their sex life, only the angst ridden advice of their closest friends can provide some solace between the sheets.

Release Date: 2002 | Length: Unknown | Genre: Comedy, Fantasy | MPAA Rating: NR

*Film was released in 2002. I haven’t found it or a trailer or anything else on this film so I’m going to list it as lost until I find more info.