Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

Director: Kevin Lewis

Writer(s): G.O. Parsons

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Emily Tosta, Beth Grant, Ric Reitz, Chris Warner, Kai Kadlec, Caylee Cowan, Jonathan Mercedes, Terayle Hill, Christian Delgrosso, David Sheftell, Jiri Stanek, Jessica Graves Davis, Taylor Towery, Chris Schmidt Jr., Christopher Bradley, Duke Jackson, Billy Bussey, BJ Guyer, Chris Padilla, Olga Cramer, Grant Cramer, Émoi, Mark Gagliardi, Abel Arias, Madisun Leigh, Kamia Arrington, Jason Tyler, Ryan Kightlinger, Joseph Teagle, Jessica Teagle, Lawreen K. Yakkel, Ashann Bachan, Kevin Brown, Eduardo Lozano, Nathaniel Smith Jr., Demetrios Stavropoulos, Michael Woodruff, J.J. Madaris, Robert Howell, Chris Speck, Benton Eden, Elliott Boswell, Jaren Soto, Kandace Lee, Miles Woodruff, D.J. Stavropoulos

Synopsis: A quiet loner (Nic Cage) finds himself stranded in a remote town when his car breaks down. Unable to pay for the repairs he needs, he agrees to spend the night cleaning Willy’s Wonderland, an abandoned family fun center. But this wonderland has a dark secret that the “The Janitor” is about to discover. He soon finds himself trapped inside Willy’s and locked in an epic battle with the possessed animatronic mascots that roam the halls. To survive, he must fight his way through each of them.

Release Date: February 12, 2021 (USA) | Length: 88 min | Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror | MPAA Rating: TV-MA