Bulletproof (1996)

Sep 6, 1996 | Action, Comedy, Crime, General Film

Director: Ernest R. Dickerson

Writer(s): Joe Gayton, Lewis Colick

Starring: Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler, James Caan, Jeep Swenson, James Farentino, Kristen Wilson, Larry McCoy, Allen Covert, Bill Nunn, Mark Roberts, Mark Casella, Andrew Shaifer, Monica Potter, Jonathan Loughran, Steve White, Gwen McGee, Bill Capizzi, Charmaine Craig, Jill Holden, Lovette, John Decker, Xander Berkeley, Sal Landi, David Labiosa, Conrad Goode, Maury Sterling, Scott Hoxby, Victor Aaron, Jacqui Dickerson, Donna M. Duffy, Janice Rivera, Loetta Earnest, Cindy Barrera, Ford Scott, Garret Sato, Paule Stewart, Lisa Michelle Axelrod, Tracee Cocco, Kacee DeMasi, Michelle Nicholson, Sven-Ole Thorsen

Synopsis: Two criminals, Keats and Moses, end their friendship, when Keats turns out to be an undercover cop. Many years later, the two are forced to work together when Keats is assigned to protect Moses as a witness.

Release Date: September 6, 1996 (USA) | Length: 84 min | Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime | MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong violence and language, some sexuality and drug use.