Morris Chestnut

Birth Date: January 1, 1969

Birth Place: Cerritos, California, USA

Birth Name: Morris Chester Chestnut Jr.

Height: 6′ (1.83 m)

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Regina Hall Interview: When The Bough Breaks

Regina Hall Interview: When The Bough Breaks

Up Next Regina Hall Interview: When The Bough BreaksBy Screen Rant13 hours ago2 Comments 2 Back in March 2015, Screen Rant visited the set of the upcoming film When the Bough Breaks, which tells the story of a married couple who hire a surrogate mother to have their baby. Things take a turn for the worse when the surrogate, Anna (Jaz Sinclair), becomes obsessed with the father (Morris Chestnut), and husband and wife are forced to endure a sadistic game with their futures at stake.
Regina Hall plays Laura Taylor, the wife at the center of the narrative. During the visit, we got an opportunity to talk with her about how When the Bough Breaks is different from her other films, portraying her character, and what she would like to do next with her career.
Anything you can tell us about what you’re filming today?
Today I can say we’re filming something that is the culmination of a lot of the events of the movie. It takes place at a lake house that Morris and I own and all of us are working t..

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